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  • The many flavors of “open” peer review
    Members of the Fully OA group all agree that peer review is a valuable and important process. But at a recent meeting of the Fully OA group the topic of “open” peer review was […]

The Fully OA blog was born out of the OASPA Interest Group of Fully OA journal organizations. The purpose of the group is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and, where appropriate, collaboration amongst publishers that only publish Open Access. The aim of the group – and now of this blog – is to provide unity, not by creating a single voice, but by bringing together a diversity of different voices and perspectives that share one commitment: full Open Access.

Whilst we share, in essence, a single aim – a transition to fully open scientific communication – we are a broad church, with differing paths and approaches to achieving that aim.

The intention of the Fully OA blog is to shine a light on projects, people and organizations that are dedicated to Open Access and work towards removing barriers to a fully OA future. We welcome proposals for posts from anyone fully committed to OA.

The Fully OA Group

The Fully OA Group meets monthly to provide a platform for exchange and  collaboration among “fully OA” organizations. An OASPA representative regularly attends the meetings, and we welcome other organizations who might want to attend. The focus of this group is primarily to share non-confidential information, resources and projects, and to discuss matters of interest or concern to fully OA organizations, which may on occasion lead to joint actions or shared statements. 

The Group does not privately discuss costs, pricing, or other items of a competitive nature. This group is not a formal business alliance. Any position papers, letters, commentaries, or other outputs will always have a list of signatories for full transparency of who did and did not sign or participate. This Group provides the framework and schedule to discuss such actions, but it is not the author of them unless all members are in agreement.
Whilst originally formed as an OASPA Interest Group, the views of this group do not represent the views of OASPA or its membership as a whole.

Membership Requirements

Membership of this group is based only on the organisation’s publishing model (i.e. Open Access) and is independent of the organisation’s business model, e.g. whether commercial or non-profit, using APCs, or otherwise, Gold, Green or Diamond OA.

Members of this group at  the time of joining must be:

Current Members


  • The FullyOA group meets monthly.
  • The group adopts the OASPA Code of Conduct.
  • The Chair of the group will be nominated at the first meeting. Chairs will rotate annually, although re-nominations are allowed. 
  • All Interest Group members will be clearly listed online. 
  • Significant outcomes of the group will be made publicly available on the Fully OA blog. 
  • New members can request to join at any time by contacting the Chair of the group. Membership requests will be considered at each monthly meeting with at least 75% of the group agreeing on admission if the criteria stated above are met.


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Adrian Stanley from JMIR Publications is currently chairing the monthly meetings.

You can reach out to through: chair@fullyoapublishers.org