Fully OA – Meeting 1, 2023

The first meeting of the Fully OA group in 2023 took place recently, and there was plenty to discuss.

We started planning out what we wanted to achieve in 2023, and topics we were interested in covering on the blog. At the front of our minds was the 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

Other topics of general discussion included India’s One Nation, One Subscription plan, and whether we could arrange an in-person meeting at this year’s STM meeting in Washington DC (April 26-27) where the overall meeting theme is “Open and Trusted at Scale”. Plenty of the group’s members will be there, so keep an eye out for us.

We also thanked Stephan Kuster for his hard work, energy and commitment to chairing the group since its formation. Nominations were welcomed for the new chair, who has since been confirmed as Adrian Stanley, General Manager, JMIR Publications. 

Join the Conversation

The purpose of the Fully OA group is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and, where appropriate, collaboration amongst publishers that only publish Open Access. The aim of the group is to provide unity, not by creating a single voice, but by bringing together a diversity of different voices and perspectives that share one commitment: full Open Access.

The Fully OA Group meets monthly to provide a platform for exchange and  collaboration among “fully OA” organizations. An OASPA representative regularly attends the meetings, and we welcome other organizations who might want to attend. The focus of this group is primarily to share non-confidential information, resources and projects, and to discuss matters of interest or concern to fully OA organizations, which may on occasion lead to joint actions or shared statements.If you’d like to join the group please contact the Chair.

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